Company Vision

Blue-O Technology Inc. was founded by Mr. Hanson Ruan, a dedicated Christian man who believes that  life is not a coincidence but everyone has a given purpose in this unique human race in the entire human history.  He trusts that even by his little contribution that this world may become a better living place for every created beings, including humans and animals.  

Blue-O Team believes that every human being shall have equal rights to enjoy the safe air, the clean water, and affordable clean energy for their healthy and prosper living on this beautiful plant.  

Blue-O Team dedicates to develop the following clean technologies for all human lives:

  1. Developed Core materials and core components products for hydrogen based fuel cell products and applications. 

  2. Develop advanced hydrogen production from seawater with its patent nanotechnology and process technology.

  3. Develop advanced desalination technology that will turn the seawater to drink water, irrigation water, and land reclamation water. 

Blue-O Team's business vision:

  1. Deploy and collaborate its advanced nanotechnology and products with world leading companies to raise the clean energy market with affordable and durable clean energy products within next 5 to 10 years. 

  2. Licensing its patented or patent pending technologies to strategic partners and developers to help the people with better clean energy and clean water technologies. 

  3. Establish global production or collaborative research centers and laboratories to train and raise local experts and highly skilled professions. 

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