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Solid State Electroplating for ENMs

Solid-State Electroplating For Novel Metal NMs

The development of electroplating in 1805 by Italian inventor Luigi V. Brugnatelli has brought potent change in surface coating process and articles. It is still used in various surface coating in modern industry. 

There have been many advanced process technologies developed and commercialized for various thin film coating on bulk materials or supports.  however, coating nanomaterials with uniform and controllable thickness and composition had not been developed until in 2021, Blue-O discovered such a potent electroplating process for coating nanomaterials in a solid-state process (SSEP). due to the use of precious metal group (PMG) elements in current fuel cell technologies and water electrolysis process, reduction of the need of PMG materials is vital to produce cost-effective equipment or systems.  More, in proton exchange membrane water electrolyzers, iridium has been used on its anode for this potent durability and activity. however, iridium does not exist in earth crust at all.  therefore, minimizing the loading of Ir is crucial to develop its sustainability for a rising market. 

More, in current information explosion period, storage data in efficient means has become more and more critical as all data centers use huge amount of electricity to search the data and provide the data.  It is critical to develop more efficient and cost effective data storage and transfer at a much lower energy consumption. Optical data storage (ODS) has become one of the key technologies in this field.  Metal nanomaterials (NMs) have been developed for such application.  Among them, gold and silver have become the most applicable MNMs for ODS.  Based on some most recent review, the optimized size of such MNMs used in ODS disc is about 70 nm.  Considering the light interaction is on the solid surface of MNMs only, a thin film of such metal on a solid core can reduce up to 92% of need of expensive metals like gold or silver. 


SSEP can achieve this easily.  a 70-nm nanomaterial with a 7-angstrom thick gold thin film will reduce 91% of gold with the same diameter.  This technological feature can boost ODS development greatly when the ODS disc cost reduced to less than 1/10th.  Not only such an important metal NMs for ODS can be produced by this power SSEP, it can produce many other potential powerful novel functional nanomaterials for sensors, power generation, or defense purpose. 

SSEP is a process that nanomaterials will be coated with a uniform thin layer of selected metal under an electrochemical process.  Currently, Blue-O is seeking more investment, funding, and collaborators to scale up this novel process.  Please come to visit us at Hannover Messe 2024 in Canada Pavilion Hall 13.  Let us work together to explore this amazing solid-state electroplating technology to produce potent novel nanomaterials for our IT and clean Energy production markets to improve our living standards. 

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