1.    Cost Saving Pt-based Electrocatalysts

Pt based catalysts have been used for hydrogen fuel cell clean energy generation through the last decade. Platinum is a rare precious metal and the reduction of Pt loading in a power generator is much needed for market affordability and sustainability. 

Among most commercial similar products, most of them are spherical or semi-spherical shaped Pt nanoparticles impregnated on some porous support. Blue-O invented a novel plate shape structure of Pt nanocatalysts on support. Its advantages over other similar catalysts are the following: 

  1. ​Dramatically reduce the need of Pt loading for the same or better power generation. 

    In fuel cell reaction system, the reaction occurs between fuel gas molecules on the solid catalyst surface. therefore, the active surface area of the catalyst per mass is critical to define the catalytic property and performance of the catalysts.  if less mass of the same material can produce more active surface area, generally, the material(s) is a better catalysts.  And for any solid materials, the surface area is heavily depending on its geometry structure.  What Blue-O discovered and produced is a thin plate shaped nanostructure of Platinum-based catalysts. From pure mathematic point view, it can produce much more surface area in similar size than that of same mass of spheres or semi-spheres. 

    Such intrinsic property is a paradigm shift from other shaped electrocatalysts for fuel cell application.  

sphere 1.png
slided sphere 10.png

By comparing the above geometry of a sphere, and a sliced sphere with same diameter,  it is scientifically evident  how Blue-O worldwide patented plate shaped Pt-based nanocatalysts can save the Platinum without losing any performance, or even better.   

Although in reality, producing identical thickness of nano-plates on the support is very challenge.  

nanoplate-Pt 20210423-1.png

From above high resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy photos, three critical advantages of Blue-O's panted electrocatalysts are shown:

  1.  The uniform distribution of Pt-based electrocatalysts on the support;

  2.  The narrow size distribution of Pt-based electrocatalyst;

  3.  Negligible aggregations or agglomerations of nanoparticles.

In Nanomaterial Technology, preparation of narrow size and high uniform distribution on the support possesses critical advantages for their fuel cell application and market sustainability. Blue-O's patented technologies have achieved both aspects. 

More importantly, Blue-O has developed a patented process to produce such novel electrocatalysts in a very cost-effective method.  This process technology also provides excellent features for the patented electrocatalyst. 


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2.    The Patented Process Technology 

Blue-O's patented process utilizes a photochemical reduction of Platinum-containing complex adsorbed on some solid support surface in a liquid phase.  This process produces reduced Pt-based nanoparticles directly on the support surfaces.  One key advantage of this patented process is that it produces reduced Platinum nanoparticles with much big contacting or "bonding" on the support.  This feature can provide superior stabilization of the particles on the support under high current density operation conditions.  Considering the dissolution of Pt atoms to Pt(2+) ions, stronger adhesion on the support surfaces can prevent the Pt nanoparticles to move and aggregate with other Pt nanoparticles, which is a know performance deterioration factor. 

The other advantage of Blue-O's patent process is the ability to control the size of the Pt-based nanoparticles on the support surfaces as well their uniformity distribution on them.  By varying the deposition process conditions, the Pt-based nanoparticles' size can be controlled from a few nanometers to a few tens of nanometers. This feature of nanomaterial processing is ideal for  high quality nanocatalysts production with tunable size and desired distribution. 

More, Blue-O's patented process can be used to prepare alloys, composite electrocatalysts, ternary catalysts and others with same easy process for high quality products. 

Lastly, this patented process is easily scalable for large production output. a kilogram per batch or tens kilogram per day is highly feasible with reliable and repeated quality.  

Blue-O Team loves to hear from you what they can help you to achieve your goal with new types of electrocatalysts by their patented process. 

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