Investment Opportunities 

Blue-O is open for private and public strategic investment for  next generation of its worldwide patented plate shape electrocatalysts development and small scale production. 

Why invests in Blue-O? 

1. Blue-O has the most market demanding electrocatalysts product and technologies that can provide ultra-low loading Pt-based or Pt-alloy catalysts for the fast rising hydrogen fueled clean energy product market.

2. Blue-O has developed commercial production ready process technology for a large scale production.  Either through licensing or Joint-Venture relationship, Blue-O can deploy its advanced electrocatalysts product production technology within 4 to 6 months with guaranteed high quality and performing catalysts to help you save cost and win the market shares. 

3. Blue-O Team has over accumulated 30 years of R&D experience and skills in its specified nanomaterial preparation, characterization, and formulation, and post-treatment.  Blue-O accesses state-of-art facilities in North America for its R&D needs.  More important, Blue-O Team has the right leading people who can develop novel products for the coming market of PEMFC, HTPEMFC, PEMWE, and Energy storage technologies. 

Book an appointment with Blue-O Team and start your exciting relationship with them. 

Only serious investors will be selected for a business presentation.