Blue-O Technology was established in 2008. Through last 12 years of uninterrupted research and development, Blue-O Tech has acquired several key clean technologies including:

1)  Core technologies of clean Energy Technology related to fuel cell technology;

      1.1)  A worldwide patented electrocatalyst composition innovation as well as the patented process to make them;

      1.2)  An advanced MEA product composition technology as well its fabrication technology;

2) Advanced Clean and Safe Water Technology with most affordable cost:

      2.1)  For targeted industrial waste water,  its cost can be as low as less than $0.48 per ton; 


       2.2) For ground water treatment with selected contaminations, its cost can be as low as less than $0.26 per ton; 

Blue-O is committed to develop most advanced nanocatalysts for clean technology application need.  Investment in Blue-O, you invest in a great return not only in profit, but also in happiness and satisfaction as Blue-O's vision is to protect this great earth for all. 

Contact us if Blue-O's vision echoes yours.  You can be part of this clean technology company. 

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