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Green hydrogen, a clean fuel for a better civilization.

Low Cost Reinforced Polymer Electrolyte Membrane 

Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) has been a key material in fuel cell stacks, in which it separates two opposite electrodes on its two sides. 

Due to the fast rising of market need in water electrolyzer for green hydrogen production, the cost effect PEM is highly needed in order to reduce the capital cost of these key equipment. 

Current thick PEM like Chemours N115 or N117 for water electrolyzers is quite expensive due to their structure and process.  Reinforced PEM or RIM is highly desired to reduce its needed resin for the same or better strength. however, for casting or extrusion process to fabricate such thick PEM, adding expandable PTFE membrane is quite complicated.  Fuma-Tech has produced such RIM but with a different expandable membrane that needs a special activation to reach a needed ionic conductivity at a certain temperature. 

Blue-O has developed a simple yet strong RIM process technology for a thickness between 10 - 100 microns.  This process is capable for roll-to-roll production at a line speed of 2 to 10 meters per minute.  The advantage of such innovative fabrication process includes the following: 

1. The highest resin utilization rate over 98+% for any thickness RIM processing

2. A configurable fully automated process

3. Capable with all commercial resin suspension solutions

4. Utilize ePTFE membrane with various thickness

5.  Customizable RIM strength with one or two reinforced layers in single RIM product. 

6.  Estimated cost for a 90 micron thick RIM much less than current price of similar products

Blue-O is looking for strategic partner(s),  potent investor(s) for its pilot scale production line development.  If you are interested, please come and visit us at Hannover Messe 2024.  We are located at Canada Pavilion in Hall 13 Booth 04. 

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