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May Blue-O's New Face shines on you

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Blue-O Team salutes to all site visitors with good health, excellent strength, and joyful souls during this difficult time.

New Look of Blue-O Tech web

Today, Blue-O decided to launch a new web design to bring more fresh knowledge and technology to hydrogen fuel cell world.

Blue-O has grown steadily and fruitfully during last 11 years of nanotechnology, fuel cell technology, and clean water technology development. Blue-O has obtained worldwide patent of its novel plate shape electrocatalysts on nanosized supports, which possesses extraordinary potential to reduce the precious metal catalyst need for the rated power of HFC stacks.

Its extraordinal uniformity in size and in distribution are two shining properties of most nanoparticles in many applications. Now, it is ready for its full exploitation by the much desired HFC markets.

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