The Founders

Hanson Ruan

Mr. Hanson Ruan has over 18 years experience of nanotechnology based clean technology and clean energy technology development. He has over 9 years excellent experience of small business management and operation in North America.  He has cross-discipline knowledge and skills in Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Nanotechnology, Solid-state Chemistry, Photo-chemistry, and various state-of-art electro-microscopic analytic skills. He also is an innovator for several patents including the plate-shaped nanoparticles and its process. 

Martin Que
Chief Financial Officer

Martin Que has over 28 years in finance investment and management over a team of 30 associated in Vancouver. He has won numerous awards as Top  Investment management company with Sun Life insurance.  He has worked with more than 10 SMEs on investment and growth. 

Martin Que has been an active investor in Blue-O Tech since 2011 and he believes that such critical clean energy technology has critical benefit for our future living on this planet. 

He continues to manage the company financial activities while he manages his own investment management business with great success. 

The Core Members

Emad Girgis, Ph. D 
Chief Engineer 

Over 10 years of experience in organic and inorganic thick film coating characterization, thin/thiv film and electrode coating technologies. Strong background in catalyst ink mixing, catalytic composition, nanostructure materials and characterization techniques, electrical/mechanical properties of the thin/thick coated film, determine root causes of coating failures and execute corrective actions. Experience in metal/oxides alloys, clean room technologies. Provides objective analysis and innovative solutions to a wide range of manufacturing problems, cost and productivity optimization, and safety and environmental issues and specific experience in the following: 

  • Thin film processing techniques such as roll to roll coating, surface engineered tape casting, spray, gravure, and slot die coating techniques.

  • Mechanical tests (hardness, fracture toughness, impact testing, adhesion, and micro-scratch analysis of the coated films).

  • 3D CAD design and TCAD software.

  • Process Transfer (Research to pilot scale).  

  • Continuous wet deposition processes

  • Automated mechanical assembly

  • Fab metrology tools and characterization techniques; TOF-SIMS, TGA, SEM/EDS, XPS, XRD, AFM and FTIR.

  • Contact angle measurements for surface energy of the catalyst coated films.