Blue-O R&D Team

Blue-O R&D Team aims to work with smart and dedicated staff and able collaborators and collaborations to fast develop its aimed clean technologies for our earth protection and for human beings well living. 

Currently, Blue-O R&D Team is working hard to push their core material technology and core components technology for hydrogen based fuel cell products into the market. 

Blue-O R&D Team consists of industrial seasoned senior Engineers and Scientists. They not only have sharpened through their advanced education training, gained valuable years of R&D development experiences, but also have been working together during this critical time to search and discover the in-depth understanding and knowledge of the technologies. 

Blue-O R&D Team also trains young Scientists and Engineer to be part of their exciting development projects.  

Blue-O R&D Team has been not only led by a group of skillful and creative minds, but more important they trust their faithful Leader and Inspirator.  For fearing of Him is the beginning of wisdom. 

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