Alloyed Electrocatalysts

In Gasteiger and others' article titled with "Activity benchmarks and requirements for Pt Pt-alloy, and non-Pt oxygen reduction catalysts for PEMFCS" in 2004, they concluded that one of the pathways to achieve the lower cathode overpotential n(orr) is through the modification of the intrinsic catalytic activity of Pt surface atoms by alloying the catalyst with base-metal that results in the formation of bimetallic surfaces. 

Among various developed and tested alloyed catalysts for PEMFC, they found that the mass activity of the Pt-alloys were 2-3 times that of Pt/C and were reported in several patents in terms of mass activity at 0.90 V under oxygen. However, under hydrogen/air, they did not see the same increased performances unless a hydrophobic additive to achieve high voltage gain around 20 - 30 mV gain. 

Blue-O Team has developed Pt-Co/C and other alloyed catalysts. 


 From the above HRTEM photos, two different metallic catalytic nanoparticles were produced on a solid support with uniform size and distribution. 

More other composition Pt-alloy catalysts will be produced with same quality and high performance. 

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