Joint-Venture Opportunity

Blue-O Team believes that in order to provide cost-effective products with local labor market opportunities to boost global clean energy market, a joint-venture with a local business collaborator, or a strategic partner for a local production is idea as it will further reduce the international transportation needs that not only will add more cost to the products, but also will add more air pollution at this stage. 

A JV can boost the local partner for high quality and high performance and low cost products for H2PEMFC.  Blue-O Team provides two JV opportunities:

1).   JV for manufacturing its worldwide patented plate shape electrocatalysts for H2PEMFC. 

Blue-O's business projection of a production output of 750 kg to 2000 kg per year of Pt-Based catalysts will reach break even on the third year. 

2). JV for manufacturing its patent pending  HDV ready HPED MEA products. 

Blue-O believes they have achieved firstly a MEA product technology surpassing over 25000 hours at 0.300 mg/cm^2 Pt loading with over 0.78 w/cm^2 at 0.60 V at the end of life.  

Blue-O will offer global technology licensing opportunities to all who will adopt and utilize their advanced MEA products for clean energy market, as well as GHG reduction. 

Please contact us if you are interested to work with Blue-O' for your clean energy and products needs. 


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